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Or would you date any girl as long as she's hot? There is zero reason to be unemployed where I live. Yes, if either actively looking for work or doing something else to secure a future like studying. Men don't care if you have a job, it also doesn't mean he's gonna care for you. But I would assume if she's currently single, she's probably got a job right now to pay her bills.

Do it for love or for money? Still, they seem pretty compatible overall. Is she condescending and lazy?

No seeking medical advice. True, I was thinking about physical and mental energy. He was a leech and any job he got he was fired from within a few weeks. If she has no skills, then no. We got to spend so much time together.

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  1. Essentially, it's not what the guy does for a living, but his attitude about it that matters.
  2. Why the dislike i was asking honestly.
  3. Even through that, my main priority was for him to get well and on the road to recovery and not about his career being put on hold or finances.
  4. Building a solid foundation to start a relationship is a first!
  5. If a man is not yet wealthy, all is not lost, but he needs to step it up in other aspects of his wooing.
  6. It's not a deal-breaker, but where would I meet her?
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  • Been there and learned from it.
  • Do they have a plan or making progress towards being employed?
Dating a guy without a job Snappy Tots

Probably not if she was planning on not working forever. Would you date a girl with no job? If he isn't a student, he is a bum. One at the most sought-after personal matchmakers in Beverly Hills, Alessandra Conti specializes in high-profile celebrity matches at Matching Up. As a co-founder and matchmaker at Matching Up, Conti is a part of the internationally-acclaimed matchmaking duo with her sister, Cristina Conti.

Depends on the circumstances. Make sure you know where he is within his career path. Plus we both like to do free or cheap things for dates, dating so it worked. Are they lazing about doing nothing? If she chose it to pursue other paths or help her family or something like that I'd be fine with it.

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Also I have always loved and been there for my son and could say he saved me when I've gotten down in the last few years. It has not made me disillusioned or bitter. That situation sucks, but pay more attention to his goals.

Dating a guy with no car job or money

But a meaningful, long-term relationship? Sort Girls First Guys First. He may not be able to bring you on an all expenses paid vacation to Saint Tropez, but he can treat you to a picnic at the local park or stargazing at the planetarium. If they are not looking for work, best cities to hook nopenopenope. Maybe he has just got a promotion at his finance job?

Is height really important in dating and what height is your preference? As a matchmaker and dating expert in Beverly Hills, I see this reality each day, and it is often a struggle for these career-oriented women to date. Also, I influenced his quitting his job when we first started dating. Depends if she is happily sitting at home then its a no or really tring to get a job then yes.

Of course, strangers might know the complete answer, but just a crazy thought to try speaking to him. So I am in the lucky position where earnings aren't something I have to consider too much. If its just laziness and she doesn't wanna do anything with her life, then yeaahhh nope. It's a good thing to have but it's not necessarily a deal-breaker if yiu don't. My husband is unemployed right now and has been off and on through our relationship.

Im not going to pay for everything. GoodGuyBreakingBad Master. But otherwise I don't think I would.

Dating guy with no job

It would depend on circumstances and his attitude about it, though. If they were doing something, maybe. Be it cooking a homemade Italian dinner on his rooftop, planning a rollerblading day along the beach or bringing her fresh flowers from the farmers market, these plans impress women. Not everyone can or wants to work. This is not your personal soapbox.


If it would have been the opposite i am not so sure. No job means no money for things like a car. If she's in between jobs sure. Any man whom you date, rich or poor, must make the effort to take you out on planned, lovely dates.

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Or if they had enough saved up for expenses til they found a job. He's funny, compassionate, and extremely ethical. Girls aren't expected to be a financial provider, so yes. Epilepsy and the side effects caused by my medication. Would you dump her for someone hotter?

Men are creatures who live their lives in a compartmentalized fashion. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Are ww talking about students? Have you never experienced that for yourself, or something? Apparently, you only allow messages from those following you.

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They are your most valuable assets. Want to add to the discussion? The only way I would is if she earned her keep like cooking cleaning and running errands while in at work. Casually date, sure, no problem. If he's motivated to look for a job or come up with a plan as to what to do next, yahoo dating advice for it wouldn't bother me.

Women Won t Date Unemployed Men It s Just Lunch Survey

For most of the guys it would be no problem. We live together and I left him twice. Success is relative to the career he chooses. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age.

Dating a guy without a job

Temporarily unemployed, matchmaking with their own finances in order and a plan for what they were going to do next? You need to make sure you wouldn't be the only one making all the effort in the relationship. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.

No Job No Date for You

Dating a guy with no car job or money.. - GirlsAskGuys

However now I wouldn't enter a relationship with someone who was unemployed. Like, enter a new relationship with someone that was unemployed? If you really like him, try to make it work.

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